Breaking News For Stream Cosmetics

It always excites me when a new company emerges in a reasonably well-established industry, because it is sure to shake things up a bit. The new company will inevitably claim that it is revolutionizing the industry and the established industry leaders will set out to prove that they are not. Whatever the case may be, it usually ends up benefiting the consumer and so it is with some (voyeuristic) excitement that I take a look at what Stream Cosmetics is setting out to do. Politics

At first glance the company looks like a very shiny re-packaging of products already on the market and given that Stream Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Luminess Air this may well be the actual case. The product line is nicely designed, but in no way is the stylus, compressor or foundation revolutionary. It does come in a very cute quilted and shiny travel case or clutch, so that’s a nice touch, but it still doesn’t stop anyone who knows a bit about the industry from realizing there is nothing actually new on sale from Stream Cosmetics.

Their product range includes the usual foundations (in matte and dewy formats), blushers, highlighters, bronzers, eye shadows and a spray tanning addition. For non-airbrush application they are also selling liquid eyeliner in a felt-tip pen format – marketed as being like a temporary tattoo, concealers and finishing powders. First reports are that the foundation formula is a bit on the runny side and this may be something inherited from Luminess Air as well.

Where it gets really interesting is the business model they are putting forward. Personally I’m not a big fan of home selling, pyramid type business ventures but I may be a minority there, so Stream Cosmetics could really shine in this regard. Even though they may not have the best product on the market Stream Cosmetics has made a bold choice in letting the bulk of their customers come through the multi-level marketing business opportunity they are offering. This may mean that thousands of women out there will be introduced to airbrushing through a friend who is a Stream Cosmetics consultant and of course buy from them without even considering the alternatives. When you look at it this way it is a very smart move on the part of Stream Cosmetics.

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