Can a Keychain Breathalyzer Really Prevent a DUI?

Statistics show that presently 25,000 people are killed each year in alcohol related accidents. This has added up to 250,000 people in the past 10 years. How can we prevent these drastic statistics from occurring?

We can start by taking measures into our own hands. An alternative that can progress over time in decreasing these stats that can definitely help might just be a keychain breathalyzer. Believe it or not with more and more deaths occurring each year due to alcohol related incidents these keychain breathalyzers are the perfect accompaniment for those who like to indulge in spirits, and are concerned about their blood alcohol level. This small device can mean the difference between good to go and call a cab.

Every year there is a handful of people arrested for driving under the influence (D.U.I.). Judges are now requiring certain individuals that meet the standards due to their records to be accompanied with a breathalyzer as they drive.

Everyone likes to go out and have a good time and now you can without having to question your current state of mind with a keychain breathalyzer that is compact and durable. acrylic charms

How can something this small and compact help you out you might ask?

By simply blowing into the sensor at the top of the keychain breathalyzer for 3-5 seconds one can detect their blood alcohol level and make the right choice of sobering up or letting someone else that has a legal blood alcohol level take the wheel. The oxidized semiconductor in the keychain breathalyzer measures blood alcohol content level in seconds, not minutes. It is also accurate for at least 400 tests or 1 year from the first use.

When you turn on the TV to watch the news, how often do you hear about people getting into accidents due to being intoxicated or be arrested for driving under the influence? Too many times to count!

Don’t become a statistic! With more and more deaths occurring each year due to D.U.I.s, it is up to us as civil human beings to make the right choice and prevent these occurrences from happening.

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