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Land Kite Boarding – Fun Skimming Over Land

Riding a wheeled board with a land kite providing the traction is a similar sport to kite surfing. All it really takes to get into kite boarding over land is some open space, a traction kite and a landboard of just about any kind. Oh, and some basic power kite flying skills of course! The idea is to get the kite overhead first. Then, when you are on your board and ready to roll, the kite is brought down to generate some sideways pull like a sail. With the kite moving in the same direction as the board, you are on your way.

Here’s some reasons why newcomers to kite sports might prefer boarding with a land kite over kite surfing out on the ocean waves…

  • it’s a lot easier to learn
  • most people get the hang of it in under 2 hours
  • the equipment is cheaper
  • you don’t have to get wet!
  • if necessary, power kiting skills can be picked up while you learn

Landboarding has been around since the 90s, and like snowkiting is making use of all the latest traction kite technology. A close relation to the land board is the buggy. It’s just a bit bigger and encloses the driver, but the techniques are similar. It’s still 4 wheels and a kite. Here some of the names that are used to refer to either one of these variations on the sport:

  • kiteboarding
  • kite landboarding
  • land kiteboarding
  • fly boarding
  • parakarting
  • kite buggying
  • land surfing
  • kite sailing

The Kites

There are a lot of similarities here with snowkiting. The requirements are so similar. You want a steerable kite with decent pull, crash-proof in case it contacts the ground hard, and packable into a small space for traveling convenience. Also desirable is the ability to re-launch off the ground without having to walk over to it, and the ability to ‘depower’ the kite during strong gusts of wind. Meepo board

All that adds up to one particular kind of kite. The parafoil, often abbreviated to just ‘foil’. Foils are flexible, with an upper and lower surface when inflated. Openings at the front edge allow air in which pressurizes the kite and makes it behave like an aircraft wing. Most depowerable designs have 4 lines, which allow steering and also the ‘angle of attack’ to the wind which controls power. Like many modern kites of all types, rip-stop nylon is the most commonly used material for the sail.

Pulling one end of the bar at a time steers the kite. Pulling both ends in towards your body increases the pull of the kite, while letting the bar out decreases the pull of the kite. For emergencies, some land kites have a quick-release mechanism to let you get rid of the kite in a hurry. The people who sell the kites can advise on how to get into the sport with the right gear.

Massages for Pregnant Women – What You Need To Know

Massages have been one of the most effective, time-tested and natural contributors to great health and wellness; it is also known to cure aches & pains, muscle tensions and high levels of stress, which pregnant women experience. Yes, pregnancy massage or prenatal massage as it is commonly called has proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat some of the pregnancy-related discomforts. In addition to eliminating physical difficulties, it leaves you calm and relaxed. So what are these massages all about? How effective are they? Can they be done at home? How different is it from the regular massages? Here is all you needed to know about prenatal massages:

What is a Prenatal Massage? Pregnancy, for a woman, brings whole new things in her life, and along with it comes some not-so-pleasant things like back aches, cramping legs, stress, mood swings and so on. To reduce these discomforts and to make your journey towards motherhood easy and less strenuous, prenatal or pregnancy massages are given. This massage has been designed exclusively for expectant mothers, and uses gentle massage strokes with specialized oils to focus on general wellness, and to relieve them from stress, anxiety and pains.

Why Prenatal Massage? Though the concept of massages have existed for several centuries, this variety of massage is fairly recent, and is gaining popularity. Many pregnant 출장안마 women across the globe are embracing this therapeutic massage for the multiple benefits it offers.

The following are the various benefits of pregnancy massage:

– It helps your body release endorphins, which are formed within the body to reduce pain naturally.

– Stress is a common feature during pregnancy, and these massages aid in significantly reducing stress; while reducing the stress hormones, it also works on releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin.

– Prenatal massage promotes good blood circulation to the body thereby, relieving edema and swelling in the legs and other parts of the body. The kneading action in the massage helps remove the water retention in pregnant women, which is a major catalyst for swelling.

– The massage is a major mood-uplifter and stress-reliever. It helps keep anxiety and stress levels at bay. In addition, gentle strokes on the abdomen relax the baby.

– If sleeplessness or pregnancy-related insomnia is a concern, fret not. This massage enables good sleep, which is essential for the body during the pregnancy term.

– Another major benefit is that, regular pregnancy massages prepare the muscles for childbirth and increases flexibility of the joints.

Prenatal Massages vs. Generic Massages
Though the results of both the massages are relaxing and therapeutic, the techniques used for prenatal massages vary drastically and needs to be performed with utmost care. Unlike generic massages, prenatal massages involve, lighter, gentle and shorter strokes in the abdomen, lower back and legs. The safety and comfort of the mother and baby are top priorities therefore, the massage uses less pressure and easy strokes to provide maximum benefits.

Buying Wholesale Real Estate

How can you buy wholesale real estate from a wholesaler? First, I have to assume that you know the basics of investing in real estate and you understand cash flow formulas and ROI calculations. Without knowledge of these, you might as well close this page and read a comic book instead. Since conventional financing for investors has all but dried up, I also have to assume you have cash. Without cash, you cannot buy from wholesalers. Let me explain how wholesalers work.

Hey, why should you read this and listen to me? Well, I am a wholesaler who has had my share of flaky “investors” who promise it all and deliver little! My idea is to under-promise and over-deliver. When I have a wholesale “deal” it REALLY IS a “deal” for the end buyer(investor) with cash.

A wholesaler is like a bird dog. He or she scouts around their target area for “deals”. When the deal is found, it is put under contract in one of several ways. One way is using a short one or two page agreement that is “assignable”. No matter the agreement, it must be assignable. The end result is that the wholesaler will be assigning his contract with the seller to you. You will fulfill the buyer’s role and pay an assignment fee to the wholesaler. Now there are many variations to what I just described, but suffice to say these are the basics of every wholesale deal. Wholesale Onions

Your first step is to find one or more wholesalers out there and give them the details of the properties you intend to purchase. Details like specific target neighborhoods, overall condition of the property, BR, BA, etc. Of course a price range would be helpful; you can’t just say “as low as possible”. How do you find a wholesaler? It’s easier than you think. There are probably more wholesalers in your backyard than you realize. Do you ever see those, “We Buy Houses” yellow signs on poles or in someone’s yard? The sign placer is most likely a wholesaler. Ever see Google ads for “We sell houses cheap”. The ad placer is most likely a wholesaler. Craigslist house wanted ads are most likely wholesalers. Craigslist house for sale by owner can be wholesalers with deals ready to buy. Use your imagination and find someone you can work with.

When you find a wholesaler, you need to be sure that you can work together to reach your mutual long-term goals. Find out what the wholesaler’s goals are for his business and the plans he has to move from wholesaling, if any. A good wholesaler is in it for the long haul and wants to build a successful business out of wholesaling.

You should be looking for a wholesaler to build a long-term relationship with. Like you, a wholesaler is out to build long-term relationships with his buyers. One time purchasers are not the wholesalers’ ideal buyers. The first couple of deals you work together with a wholesaler, use the Ronald Regan method to determine the depth of the ongoing relationship; that is “trust and verify”. You need to trust your wholesaler to tell you truthfully everything you want to know that he knows. You also need to verify any information you receive from a wholesaler for accuracy, oversights and judgment errors. You don’t want a wholesaler who tells you that they know this neighborhood and the house is worth $200k using Zillow’s inflated or old estimates when in reality the area only supports $150k properties. Use your own reliable internet resources and if needed, boots on the ground to verify what you are buying. If you buy a dud, don’t blame your wholesaler; he most likely is a brand new “investor” himself just looking to get started. It is your responsibility to know what you are getting in to. Trust builds on itself and it’s a two-way street. You need to also be trustworthy and buy the property when you say you’re going to and pay what you agreed to pay for it.

Keeping Student Housing Affordable

Student housing is one of the most important elements to plan for when it comes to getting ready for school. If this is your first year or even if you are returning, where you live is a big factor in your overall success. You need the location to provide you with specific amenities but at the same time, you need a location that features an affordable cost. Can you find that type of option? You can, if you know where to look. student properties in lancaster

Know What You Need

Before you even consider looking for student housing, it is very important to know what your needs are. This means focusing on factors such as size, location, and amenities included. Do you need high speed Internet connectivity? Do you need the location to be within walking distance of the school or at least along a bus line? You may need the facility to be handicap accessible. Know your needs first.

Consider Looking for a Roommate

One way to reduce costs significantly is to find a house that you can share. Some facilities offer a roommate resource where you can post for and look for others to share your location with during the school year. You may even be able to use the facility’s staff to help you to find the right type of roommate for your needs. This can help to reduce the costs but it does reduce the overall privacy you have. Be sure to look for someone that you feel comfortable being with, too. You need someone that shares the same perspectives of college life as you do.

Leasing Affordably

Keep in mind that you can always negotiate a contract. Be sure your lease is specific and lists how much you need to pay and what months you need to do so. This provides ample opportunity for you to keep costs down. You may be able to reduce costs by offering to maintain the property and yard. You may be able to get a lower cost just by being a better credit risk, too. Having parents cosign the lease can also help to keep your costs low.

Student housing may or may not be covered by financial aid and school loans. In some cases, you may save money by paying on a month-to-month basis or all up front. However, you may also need to pay a security deposit. As you plan to go away to school this year, be smart about your apartment and living needs. Know what you need and what you want, and reduce your overall risk of not finding a place to live by searching early. In some cases, individuals book their homes away from home at the end of the previous school year. Do not put it off.

Health and Wellness Guidelines – What You Should Know

Far too many people exercise without even knowing the significance of why they do so. For sure they will enumerate a lot of reasons mostly on how to look good as their motivator. This makes entire the activity too focused on the aesthetic aspect of it and as such when the desired outcome is not achieved the enthusiasm to sustain it also dies a natural death. Even the proliferation of crash diets that promise fast weight loss only show a very narrow and limited understanding of the real reason why we need to lose weight.

To understand the importance of exercise requires knowledge of health and wellness. Health is defined as a condition that allows individuals to function at their best despite any handicaps or limitations. Wellness is a reflection of health and varies from person to person. It must be understood that wellness is a conscious effort, necessitating planning, commitment and dedication. A person is truly well only when he or she has embraced a lifestyle that allows him or her to achieve the highest potential for well-being.

Research has shown that lifestyle choices influence a person’s health. The so-called “diseases of affluence” that include obesity, heart disease, lung and colon cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, hypertension and cirrhosis can be traced back to behaviors borne out of consciously-made poor lifestyle choices. Over-consumption of processed foods and drinks, lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, lack of sleep and over-work are all conscious lifestyle choices that can lead to the development of various health and medical problems. Transdermal patches

Health promotion, then, is an active process that requires an individual to take full responsibility for their actions. Cognizant of what smoking, overeating and drug abuse does to their health, it is incumbent upon each individual to adopt healthy practices to promote his or her own health. Some of these positive attitudes include engaging in regular workout routines and following a healthy eating regimen.

An awareness of what one eats and drinks is also another important component of health and wellness. Good nutrition really hinges on making fruits, vegetables and other natural foods a major part of the diet. Processed foods contain too much sugar, food additives and preservatives that not only strip the food of its natural nutrients but are also harmful to health. Closely related to good nutrition is the concept of physical fitness. Individuals who engage in a regular exercise program have been shown to have improved circulatory and respiratory functioning, decreased bad cholesterol levels and reduced susceptibility to degenerative changes as well as improved flexibility, strength and endurance.

The ability to manage stress through relaxation techniques and exercise is also an integral aspect of health promotion. Chronic and unmanaged stress leads to a wide host of health complications including susceptibility to infection, obesity and other injuries.

Neck Pain And Its Cure

The neck supports the head weight and is made of vertebrae which extend from the skull down to upper torso. It has cervical disks that work in absorbing shock between bones. It is the muscles, ligaments and bones that support the head allowing motion. In the presence of any abnormalities, the neck is left vulnerable to conditions and injuries that restrict motion and cause pain as well as stiffness. Even though in most cases neck pain is never a serious condition and will go away after a few days, severe pain can be an indication of a serious illness or injury and medical care is advised. There are a number of factors that can lead to neck pain and they include the following:

Worn joints – Neck has joints that wear down as you age just like the rest of the body joints. Osteoarthritis can lead to deterioration of cartilage between bones resulting into bone spurs formation of the body affecting joint motion and causing pain in the process.

Nerve compression – Nerve compression is another cause of neck pain. It occurs when the herniated disks in the neck vertebrae press on nerves that branch out from your spinal cord thus leading to the pain.

Muscle strain and tension – The strains and tension can be as a result of neck jerking during exercises, bad sleeping position, poor posture and working long hours at a desk in one position.

Diseases – Certain diseases can also lead to neck pain, including osteoporosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia as well as meningitis. In these cases you would need to get proper treatment for the underlying condition to get neck pain relief.

Injury – Car accidents, sports and falls are some of the things that expose the neck to injury. The ligaments and muscles are forced forward or backward beyond normal range causing damages like fractures and dislocations that can also damage the spine.

Curing neck pain

Moderate and mild neck pain respond pretty well to self-care and should be gone in a few days or weeks. Persistent neck pain, however might require that you see a doctor for treatment options that is suitable depending on the diagnosis.

Medication – Strong pain medicine can be prescribed by your doctor to get rid of the pain. You might also get tricyclic antidepressants to relieve pain and muscle relaxants. NECK PAIN RELIEVERS

Therapy – Physical therapy works in curing neck pain. A therapist will take you through correct alignment, posture and exercises that strengthen the neck. Ice, heat and electrical stimulation are some of the approaches that can be used to ease the pain and to prevent recurrence. Traction is the other option under therapy and it uses pulleys, air bladder or weights to stretch the neck. It is a great option for nerve root irritation. The other options are the use of a soft collar to support the neck and relieve the pain. It works by taking the pressure off neck structures, but it should be used for a given period of time. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is the last therapy option. It uses electrodes near the painful areas for tiny electrical impulses to be delivered and relieve the pain.

Learn How to Type Faster

Typing is one skill that is desired by a whole range of professionals including writers (e.g. report writers, article writers, book writers), part-time assistants, researchers, and free lancers as a good, accurate and fast typing professional can save a lot of time on this part of the job and concentrate more on what to write rather on how to write. It seems to be a difficult skill to inculcate with people getting confused with hand and finger placements, letters, variations in keyboards, and special characters. But with few targeted efforts and good resources for learning can really help you. You will require relevant basics, few structured and modular tutorials that are properly explained and stepwise practice tests can really get you going. And the best part is that it is never too late to start learning and you get very proficient very quickly with the right efforts and right resources.

So if you start searching learning and practice resources for typing, you will get a list of them. But you would like to only try the best of them. So here is a quick guide to some of the best of them: practice typing – The site offers a 10-step typing tutorial program that progressively teaches you the typing skills going finger-by-finger. It also keeps on testing you with each step. Once you have completed it, you can access your skills through a speed test. – It’s a very effective typing learning website with lots of salient features. It has over 27 typing lessons. It offers training in 18 different keyboard layouts. And the best part is that it is available in multiple languages. – Learn2Type offers a typing test to test how you stand with your typing skills. It provides training in not only the QWERTY keyboard setup but also in AZERTY and Dvorak layouts. Learn2Type also offers special lessons for kids as they believe that it’s never too early to start learning to type. is a free typing tutor website. It provides typing tutorial for QWERTY and Dvorak keyboards. Their free online typing lessons are supported with QWERTY keyboard picture and Dvorak keyboard picture to help with hand positioning over a keyboard. They also provide timed practice modules and tests. They even have typing games with music add-ons. – TypeOnline has variety of typing tutorials and tests. They offer lessons on normal keyboards. They even have practice lessons for touch typing. TypeOnline also provides speed tests to test your proficiency level. They also provide guidelines for safe typing and avoiding hazards such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

The Home-Buyers Guide to AC Systems – Part 3 of 3

Homeowners your hands one of the most important documents you can possess before you purchase a home! What every homeowner or potential homeowner absolutely needs to know and understand is this, you as a homeowner have ALL the responsibility to make sure your new home is going to function and be an energy efficient home.

This document is written for the homeowner to understand the city inspections. This article is not referring to the third party inspection completed by a licensed Professional Home Inspector.

If you are concerned about the energy efficiency for your new home the single most important item that impacts energy usage and monthly energy bills is the size of the home. The energy cost to operate your home is directly related to the size, shape and volume of your home. Home builders today are not supplying potential home buyers with two critical pieces of information you need to understand the energy efficiency of a particular home or if you are comparing the homes from two different home builders.

When an engineer designs and sizes the AC equipment for a building large or small he uses a load calculation method to determine how much heating and air conditioning capacity is needed to serve the new building. The same approach and method is supposed to be used today in new homes built in Texas. The home builders in Texas have been building homes in Texas since 2001 that will not meet the required energy code standard and design guides. The load calculation step is the very beginning and most important step in building a home for energy efficiency but is not being performed by builders today. This is simply because most builders do not pay attention, understand the energy code or understand load calculations. Attefallshus

The other problem or issue is that most homeowners have never heard about it and do not care as well. Most homeowners believe that someone else is taking care of this for them. As I stated earlier in this guide this is simply not true or being done.

Homeowners Have To Take Responsibility

How do homeowners know that one home is more efficient than another? The method used to
understand the efficiency of a home in regards to the heating and air conditioning systems is based on a unit of energy known as a “British Thermal Unit” (BTU). I am not going to get real technical here but I will give you the homeowner the information you need to go home shopping with and it is really very simple.

Three Efficiencies Regarding Home Building

1. Thermal Efficiency- Determined by the home construction methods and materials
used to build the home. It is the most important efficiency in home building.

2. Energy Efficiency – Measured and calculated by the conversion of energy input
(KW/BTU) into useful work output cooling/heating BTUH.

3. Overall Efficiency – Is the combination of both efficiencies above. Thermal Efficiency
has a huge impact on the Energy Efficiency rating and therefore will impact the
overall efficiency of the home.

As a homeowner this is what you need to know. The amount of energy required to heat and cool your home is directly related to the amount of heat gain your home experiences when it is warm outside and how much heat loss your home experiences when it is cold outside. This heat gain and heat loss is measured in BTUS. The amount of heat gain and heat loss is measured and defined on an hourly basis so the measurement is in BTUH. This stands for British Thermal Units per Hour. The higher the thermal efficiency of the home the lower the energy use is. As a homeowner you will receive a better return on investment for each dollar you spend to make your new home more thermally efficient than to build a very poor thermally efficient home and try to make up the overall efficiency with very expensive high end heating and air conditioning equipment. This approach simply does not work over the life of the home.

Forex (Foreign Exchange Market)

The Foreign Exchange market is also referred to as Forex and another common name that exists is FX, all three mean the same. When you are trading with different countries, banks, businessmen, government agencies or corporate houses all have to deal with Forex. They have to either send money to other countries or receive money from different countries and this is all referred to as Foreign Exchange. Generally banks and brokers (it is advisable to go to government authorized brokers) are involved in the financial trading between two countries and could be on behalf of any of the above namely, corporate houses, businessmen, government agencies and or individuals. When you have to deal with Foreign Exchange it is always recommended that you should be aware of scams that have become a regular feature these days, especially online scams. People at times try to fall in the rap of online exchange offers but it is a risky affair and therefore it is advisable to do Forex through proper channel and that is banks and authorized brokers, in order to avoid any scam.

Cash, currencies and stocks are all traded through the Forex or Foreign Exchange market. When you have to trade one currency in place of another, the Forex market comes into play. Foreign Exchange facilities are not available at all the banks and with all the brokers in that particular country; this aptly clarifies the importance of Foreign Exchange market. In case you are planning a trip to India, you will look for the value the dollar will fetch you in case you require to exchange and there is no other option but to get the money exchanged because in India in most of the places dollars will not be accepted. Similar is the scenario when an Indian travels to America. Indian currency is not acceptable and hence he or she will have to get the money exchanged from a bank or an authorized broker.

Individuals and small businessmen tend to lose a lot of money because they don’t have the complete or requisite knowledge about the Forex market. Trying to make a fast buck they end up losing their hard earned money instead of gaining anything. These are the potential preys for Forex scams. It is therefore recommended that you should always deal with banks (having foreign exchange facilities) or authorized brokers in order to avoid falling in the trap of people who are involved in these scams. Lowest Commissions & Fees

Forex scams are on the rise. Forex scam would not allow you to get your money back, it is gone forever. Therefore don’t just go on what you read on the Internet. It is possible that a company stating that it deals with Foreign Exchange is absolutely not authorized to do any Foreign exchange and in case you end up paying money to them it is as good as losing all your money. Not everyone has the license to deal in the Forex market; hence you have to be very careful.

Will A CPAP Machine Cure My Sleep Apnea?

Lots of people have sleep apnea and don’t realize it. The thing is, the more you let it go on, the worse it can get. It is important to go and get tested for sleep apnea so you can know what is going on with your body and get treatment for it as soon as possible. The question people are curious about is, is it curable?

CPAP machines have been around for years now helping sufferers of sleep apnea. In some cases yes, a CPAP machine can reduce or cure sleep apnea over time but that is a rare thing to happen. How a CPAP machine works is it forces air pressure into your throat and your nose so you can continually breathe all night without suffering attacks every 5-20 minutes. People are only diagnosed with sleep apnea if they have attacks that often or more throughout the night.

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing when you fall asleep and wake up gasping for air. There is no real cure other than to use a CPAP machine and have it train your body to know what it is like to have your throat open when you sleep.

If you are having problems like this, then you might have sleep apnea. It is not going to completely go away from a CPAP machine in most cases but it sure will let you sleep and it will also help you to get rid of it a little bit. You will be able to get all the equipment you need to accompany your machine to ensure you are getting a good night rest. Apnea Hypopnea Index

Are you a light sleeper? There are machines that you can get which will provide you with soothing night time sounds as well as have a very quiet motor. There are also machines that have humidifiers and heated humidifiers to keep your throat from drying out providing you with the most comfortable sleep you can get.

Of course some people aren’t comfortable with their stock mask that comes with the machine. That is why you can get a mask that fits your face perfectly. You can get an entire face mask for the least amount of chafing and calluses, you can get a nose mask, a mouth mask or different width masks. There are also pillows that can be added on to your nose and forehead to stop the mask from digging in.

There are ways to make your sleep apnea a lot more comfortable, and to treat it so you don’t suffer from the symptoms but there are not really that many stories of cures of the disease from the machine.