Learn How to Type Faster

Typing is one skill that is desired by a whole range of professionals including writers (e.g. report writers, article writers, book writers), part-time assistants, researchers, and free lancers as a good, accurate and fast typing professional can save a lot of time on this part of the job and concentrate more on what to write rather on how to write. It seems to be a difficult skill to inculcate with people getting confused with hand and finger placements, letters, variations in keyboards, and special characters. But with few targeted efforts and good resources for learning can really help you. You will require relevant basics, few structured and modular tutorials that are properly explained and stepwise practice tests can really get you going. And the best part is that it is never too late to start learning and you get very proficient very quickly with the right efforts and right resources.

So if you start searching learning and practice resources for typing, you will get a list of them. But you would like to only try the best of them. So here is a quick guide to some of the best of them: practice typing

10-Fast-Fingers.com – The site offers a 10-step typing tutorial program that progressively teaches you the typing skills going finger-by-finger. It also keeps on testing you with each step. Once you have completed it, you can access your skills through a speed test.

GoodTyping.com – It’s a very effective typing learning website with lots of salient features. It has over 27 typing lessons. It offers training in 18 different keyboard layouts. And the best part is that it is available in multiple languages.

Learn2Type.com – Learn2Type offers a typing test to test how you stand with your typing skills. It provides training in not only the QWERTY keyboard setup but also in AZERTY and Dvorak layouts. Learn2Type also offers special lessons for kids as they believe that it’s never too early to start learning to type.

PowerTyping.com is a free typing tutor website. It provides typing tutorial for QWERTY and Dvorak keyboards. Their free online typing lessons are supported with QWERTY keyboard picture and Dvorak keyboard picture to help with hand positioning over a keyboard. They also provide timed practice modules and tests. They even have typing games with music add-ons.

TypeOnline.co.uk – TypeOnline has variety of typing tutorials and tests. They offer lessons on normal keyboards. They even have practice lessons for touch typing. TypeOnline also provides speed tests to test your proficiency level. They also provide guidelines for safe typing and avoiding hazards such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

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